We teach what is regarded by many as the most effective martial art for self-defense – Brazilian, or Gracie, Jiu Jitsu. Please come by for a visit, or call to schedule a free introductory lesson and a free week of training.

Come join our fun and family-friendly learning environment to grow in confidence, and in this wonderful art.


The objective for all our classes, especially our kids’ classes, is to instill a bone-deep confidence in our students that is grounded in their increasingly proficient use of the principles, strategies, and techniques that they train every week.

From this confidence they will have the moral and physical courage to look the bully in the eyes and firmly say, “Don’t ever talk to me like that again.” Or, “Don’t ever put your hands on me again.”
Confidence grounded in regular and realistic training transforms boys into men, and girls into women.

Simply, our objective is, in the shortest amount of time, to have your children ready to defend themselves physically, so that they will have the confidence to face the bully, and be able to defuse the situation verbally, leaving fighting the bully as an absolute last resort.

jiu jitsu students
Jiu Jitsu is a superpower  – Jocko Willink
Cascade map


All classes are held at
109 N Main St, Cascade, ID
Down the hall from the Whistle Stop

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