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Why are we Sheepdog BJJ?

Sheep are simple creatures without natural defenses. Therefore, on the range, they are susceptible to every prowling predator. Left on their own, many will be killed. But God has provided a friend for the sheep – the sheepdog. The Great Pyrenees is a great friend to the sheep.  
As pups they are placed in the pens with the sheep to bond with them. In a short time, the dogs become an accepted member of the flock. And they really care about their charges. The mature sheepdog usually stations himself on the highground – the best place to see the flock and to spot any threats. But the most noble trait of the true sheepdog, whether canine or human, is his drive and commitment to put himself between the sheep and the danger. Regardless if he is outsized or outnumbered, the sheepdog gives no thought to his own safety but runs to meet the threat, and to save the sheep – because that is what sheepdogs do.

About The Dog

This Great Pyrenees print captured our heart and our imagination from the very first glance. We are blessed and honored that the artist, DJ Rogers, has generously allowed us to use this beautiful image as the logo for Sheepdog BJJ.

If you love dogs, or if someone you know does, please view his wonderful work at:

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